Project Description

This project involved the renovation of the Buffalo Civic Center. The photos show the Buffalo Saber’s locker room, the players lounge and a college team locker room.

The look in the Saber’s locker room is very fluid and integrated curvilinear design that appears monolithic in nature, i.e. one piece, at first, that centered around the team logo in the middle of the room.

As the project progressed, functionality emerged, exceptions had to be taken in order to build the lockers in the elliptical pattern they wanted while producing a product that was basically waterproof and hockey player proof (durable).

The main materials used were rosewood veneer and solids on moisture proof bendable substrates, decorative stainless steel sheet stock, aluminum channel, clear acrylic sheet, and solid phenolic sheet. The finish was catalyzed polyurethane. The whole project was built in our Lexington facility and shipped to Buffalo for installation by the firm we partnered with.