Leininger has an extensive inventory of custom moulding profiles. The number of shapes continues to grow as we are continually grinding new knives. This comprehensive collection, available only at our facility, gives you the ability to choose from an almost unlimited number of moulding profiles.

Leininger has a huge stock of standard moulding profiles in many popular wood species such as oak, poplar, clear pine, and primed FJ pine; other species are available via special order. Bases, crowns, astragals, casings, chair rails, half-rounds, quarter-rounds, and jambs: these are just a sampling of the profile categories available at our facility.

If you have a project that calls for you to match older profiles, or you just need to match existing trim, Leininger probably has the profile. We are able to match any custom profile. If not, our design team can create your mill drawing, mill a template, and custom mill a knife as needed.

If you have questions about our custom moulding capabilities, contact us today.

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